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Brexit: Europe's House of Cards

 The UK’s referendum on continuing membership of the European Union will be held on June 23. With opinion polls obscured by uncertainty about voter turnout, serious questions remain about what the UK faces if it votes to leave. And what will happen to the EU if Britain chooses the Brexit.

Explanation of Votes

New territorial development tools in cohesion policy 2014-2020
Report:  Ruža Tomašić (A8-0032/2016)

I voted in favour of this report. New EU regional policy tools have the potential to give communities a bigger say in what happens in their local area and in how EU regional development funds are spent. However, if they are to succeed, then clearer guidance and less red tape are a must, I therefore welcome calls for further clarity, guidance and support in relation to territorial development tools and for simplification across ESI funds.

SME Supporting Factor – Oral Question

 Europe’s SME’s, including in my own constituency of Wales, have shown remarkable resilience in times of recent financial troubles, but now need capital to fuel their expansion and growth.

Explanation of Vote

 Use of Passenger Name Record data (EU PNR) (A8-0248/2015 ***I)